Tips for Confidently Speaking

As a newcomer to the Program, commuting by bus into San Francisco to a stress-filled office, I would jealously keep the last remains of the Cabin coffee in my cup. Certain even the home group drops of coffee would keep me sober. In a way – they did and still do. Here’s how.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 30. April 2024
What would you do if you had no fear? Here is a question to nudge us toward life as a daring adventure. "Progress involves risks. You can't steal second with your foot on first." Frederick Wilcox. Now is the time to move your feet and permit yourself to be daring and bold with this straightforward, three-part, once a month guide to prepare you for your next public speaking opportunity. Today we are on the first section: Get Ready! Chapter Two, Handling Fear.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 13. March 2024
Roman philosopher Seneca tells us, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I couldn't agree more! That is why I am excited to share my monthly newsletter with you. A straightforward, three-part, once a month guide to help you prepare for your next public speaking opportunity.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 08. February 2024
INSPIRING INTRODUCTIONS: When You Are Asked To Introduce The Speaker
This Part Two of Inspiring Introductions builds on last month's article of one-to-one introductions to now encompass larger audiences with you as the emcee. Learn how to support both you and your speaker in the best ways possible. Read on! hashtag#publicspeakingtips hashtag#professionalspeaking hashtag#speakingtips
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 30. December 2023
INSPIRING INTRODUCTIONS:  How To Make Yours Successful Ones
Establishing a positive presence begins with your introduction. Whether introducing yourself to one person or introducing two people to each other, here are time-honored suggestions on how to do so effectively and with confidence! #publicspeakingtips, #publicspeaking
WORKING THE STAGE?  Make The Stage Work For You!
Tired of watching the same old-same old? Speakers shifting back and forth, making little use of the beautiful stage they are on? Be bold. Be brilliant! Here's how to use the stage from corner to corner. All four of them!
HOW TO GET SET FOR THE STAGE - Training Techniques Before Saying A Word
Before you say a word and awaiting your turn to speak, what will you do? How will you align those butterflies in the stomach? What is the swiftest way to get nervousness under control? Confidently Speaking Tips On How To Get Set For The Stage has sure-fire answers on how to do just that. Read On and Share!
VOCAL VARIETY: Sound Suggestions To Make Your Message Count
Want some spice in your speech? Add vocal variety! A speech is like a stew – season yours with spicy vocal variety. Bring your audience back to your table every time!
Why Improv? Rebuilds the brain. Increases flexibility in thinking with increased laughter and outlook on life. Mistakes evolve into gifts. Learn to serve the scene and each other. Builds community and team spirit. Improves partnership through appreciation. Rediscover the youth of children. Heightened healthy self-esteem. Connect more often and deeply. To fearlessly revel in the joy of discovering our own true selves.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 24. March 2023
What is more challenging than giving a prepared speech? Giving an unprepared one! Here are strategies to make improv easy and fun. Have a read!

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