Christine's Anthology

Christine's Anthology · 04. September 2023
A stirring presentation using transformational stories and wings of eagles as real-life metaphors for new beginnings. Everything from potting a plant to quoting Isaiah, “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount on eagles’ wings. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint.”
Christine's Anthology · 04. September 2023
New Years Day in Northwest Nevada. The purple Sierras were sprinkled with fine powdered snow. The air was crisp, clean and fragrant with pines. Fred and I, we were jogging down one of our favorite trails and... Oh! You need to know. Fred is not a man or a jogging partner... Fred is my horse! 21 years old and with all the glee of a kid at Christmas, I had on my hat, my old leather boots, and in wild abandon, Fred and I are hightailing it into the hills. Fred’s white mane streaming away! After...
Christine's Anthology · 03. September 2023
Wait: To stop, to standby. Wait: To serve, to attend. WAIT: Anagram for Why Am I Talking? Yeah, why am I talking? Good question. Don’t wait. See the end of the article as we alkies like to do. Look at the back of the book first. Find out how it turns out. Published:
Christine's Anthology · 31. July 2023
Every now and then we need a blessing that’s NOT in disguise. We want that blessing front and center - not hidden in the background waiting to surprise us down the road. Even so, here’s a story of an unexpected blessing in disguise that really did pop up down the road.
Christine's Anthology · 05. June 2023
Until I heard the following story, I was sitting with a grudge fertilized by resentment, every time this man showed up late, left early, and shared at length. When he explained the lateness, brought us both a piece/peace of the pie.
Christine's Anthology · 01. May 2023
Complacency is based on past success. I don’t become what I want. I become where my habits take me. The comfort zone is not one in which to be comfortable. When I believe I have arrived - is exactly when it’s over. We can be complacent and dream our lives away, or we can become aware.
Christine's Anthology · 11. April 2023
The 24-hour chip is my favorite as a constant reminder this is a 24-hour program. Tomorrow is promised to no one. A chip in my pocket jingles along with the coinage, keeping me mindful time is not a tool. Takes 31 years to get 31 years. Takes 31 seconds to become a newcomer. Published 4, 1, 23
Christine's Anthology · 15. March 2023
Can a doorknob be your Higher Power? Turn the page, turn the handle and find out!
Christine's Anthology · 08. February 2023
By working the Steps, taking days one at a time, I came to understand the the lines: “The pains of drinking had to come before sobriety, and emotional turmoil before serenity.” Step 10 Pages 93-94. Printed In The Point February 2023 edition.
Christine's Anthology · 21. December 2022
Sometimes what we see is not with the eyes but with the Soul. This story completes that statement.

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