Christine's Anthology

Christine's Anthology · 03. June 2024
HOPE equals Happy Our Program Exists. Are you happy our program exists? After hearing the Following, I sure am.
Christine's Anthology · 02. April 2024
“Now about sex.” This single sentence from page 68 of our Big Book pulls the covers for a world of room to talk all we want about sex. The sex discussion continues on 69, proving “there are no mistakes in God’s world.” “We all have sex problems.” Underlined and highlighted several times over in my book.
Christine's Anthology · 02. March 2024
Alcohol is a great eraser. Put alcohol on a clothing stain and “Voila!” The stain is erased. Vanished. Gone. In fact, alcohol erases just about everything for us alcoholics. It removes: your job, your driver’s license, your car, your marriage license, your home, your family, your children, your friends, and eventually, your life. Works wonders, eh?
Christine's Anthology · 02. February 2024
A long-time member of my home group went out on vodka. A person with many years of sobriety, a member with shares right out of the old E.F. Hutton advertisement, “When this person speaks, everybody listens.” Boy! Did we listen. Big Book, Steps, all the literature and all the experience with a tremendous amount of humor and bravado. He could tell a great tale. Then, from out of the blue, he drank. Or was it from out of the blue? Here’s his story. “I’d stopped going to meetings. I...
Christine's Anthology · 04. January 2024
Sometimes, we need the salt of our tears to bring forth the oncoming sweetness of recovery.
Christine's Anthology · 02. October 2023
Our book describes the alcoholic personality as being akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde. Two personalities in one body. Boy did I relate. Maybe you do too. Enjoy the read!
Christine's Anthology · 04. September 2023
A stirring presentation using transformational stories and wings of eagles as real-life metaphors for new beginnings. Everything from potting a plant to quoting Isaiah, “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount on eagles’ wings. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint.”
Christine's Anthology · 04. September 2023
New Years Day in Northwest Nevada. The purple Sierras were sprinkled with fine powdered snow. The air was crisp, clean and fragrant with pines. Fred and I, we were jogging down one of our favorite trails and... Oh! You need to know. Fred is not a man or a jogging partner... Fred is my horse! 21 years old and with all the glee of a kid at Christmas, I had on my hat, my old leather boots, and in wild abandon, Fred and I are hightailing it into the hills. Fred’s white mane streaming away! After...
Christine's Anthology · 03. September 2023
Wait: To stop, to standby. Wait: To serve, to attend. WAIT: Anagram for Why Am I Talking? Yeah, why am I talking? Good question. Don’t wait. See the end of the article as we alkies like to do. Look at the back of the book first. Find out how it turns out. Published:
Christine's Anthology · 31. July 2023
Every now and then we need a blessing that’s NOT in disguise. We want that blessing front and center - not hidden in the background waiting to surprise us down the road. Even so, here’s a story of an unexpected blessing in disguise that really did pop up down the road.

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