Confidently Speaking

The Speaker's Guide To Standing Ovations

Author: Christine A. Robinson

Publisher‏: ‎ Confidently Speaking (July 1, 2021)
Language: ‎ English
Paperback: ‎ 152 pages, 5 x 0.35 x 8 inches, 8 ounces

ISBN: ‎ 978-0578335681

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                     Confidently Speaking: The Speaker's Guide to Standing Ovations
Take the stage with Christine A. Robinson, a three-time contender in the Toastmasters International World Championships of Public Speaking. With years of experience presenting countless seminars and training sessions, Christine offers you a professional speaker's wisdom with ease, support, empathy, and humor.
Use Confidently Speaking as your personal guide, and you archive cutting-edge communication competence.
Discover how to create captivating speeches. Develop dynamic stage presence while maintaining your authentic self in every form of communication: from Boldly speaking to audiences of thousands, to Zoom rooms, to spontaneous toasts, to asking for a raise.
Receive resounding results with Confidently Speaking.

                                              Praise for Confidently Speaking

"Confidently Speaking is a practical resource of proven public speaking techniques shared through engaging stories and real-life examples. It is a fun read giving the reader specific steps to improve their presentation and public speaking skills."

– Lance Miller –
Executive & Organizational Performance
World Champion of Public Speaking

"Christine's writing shows an enormous passion for her craft honed through her many years of experience in the elite circle of the best speakers in the world. She writes with clarity, authority and with one central purpose, to provide the reader with the best tools to succeed in speaking confidently, in any situation. Shhhh.... this book should be required reading for all advanced Toastmasters."

– George Clark –
The Clark Group Publishing

"This is a must have book for anyone who wants to be comfortable, confident, and charismatic in front of an audience."

– John C. Harrison –
Presentation coach and authority in the area of chronic stuttering.
Author of Redefining Stuttering

"There were many incidences where I wish I had had the book years ago. Your walk forward, the pause, the movement diagonally would have enhanced my performance. Thanks for that. The added chapter on ZOOM is a great addition to your book and so timely, filled with specifics that can be implemented right now!"

– Linda W. Peterson, St. Pierre Ph. D MN

Emeritus Professor, UNR Department of Family Medicine
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor 0025

"Bottom line: The name says it all. Confidently Speaking is the guide to present your best visual presence for any situation."

– Diane Parente –
Association of Image Consultants International, Founding President
Co-Author, Mastering Your Professional Image: Dressing to Enhance Your Credibility

"Christine Robison is a class act. From the moment she steps on stage to the audience's ovations at the end of her presentations, she exudes confidence. This is not because she's a "born speaker" or something that happened by accident. In this well-written book, she shares her secets of success. From tips on overcoming the almost universal fear of public speaking to dressing for success and writing, rehearsing, and delivering a compelling speech, Robinson teaches us how to succeed onstage"

– Ian Griffin –
Speechwriter, Author "Professionally Speaking" Blog

"Are you ready to get out and give voice to your usefulness? Are you willing to risk not getting it right the first time, or the l0th time, maybe even the 100th time? Is there nothing you'd rather do than contribute to the evolution of human consciousness with your experience, strength, and hope? If yes, yes, yes, this is the book for you."

– Lee Glickstein –
Founder, Speaking Circles International

"Christine's book is one of the best on speaking that I've ever read. I love the primer advice on preparing and overcoming stage fright. Wonderful for experienced speakers and novices."

– Diane Conway –
Author of What Would You Do If You Had No Fear? Living your dreams while quakin' in your boots.

"Color me impressed!"

– Jessica Kozik –
Toastmasters International, Education Department

"The "Do's and Don'ts" are succinctly summarized in her narrative, with clear and practical use applications. One is never too "old a dog" to find new trick to carry one's message effectively. Today I can more Confidently Speak thanks to Christine's new book."

– John R. Wallace, Esq. –

Attorney at Law

"Whether you are a speaking novice or seasoned professional, this book provides practical and proven insights for delivering a great public speech. Drawing on a lifetime of speaking wisdom, Christine is the living embodiment of her message. I have seen her go from a quiet, unassuming introvert to a public speaking powerhouse and contest champion. If she can do it, you can do it. I challenge you to go, go, go read this book."

– Michael R. Notaro –

DTM, PIP Toastmasters International President 2011-2012
Author of The Call of the Leader

"Christine Robinson is one of the best teachers of public speaking around. Her book, Confidently Speaking, may change your life"

– Anne Lamott –
Author of Bird by Bird