Christine's Anthology · 05. July 2024
PLAY BALL - Baseball In AA
Photo by Diana Polekina Unsplash Baseball is an all American sport - All American and in AA. No curve balls here. Just a healthy line up of references in our texts. Sure to please and bring a smile to your faces. Enjoy!
Christine's Anthology · 03. June 2024
HOPE equals Happy Our Program Exists. Are you happy our program exists? After hearing the Following, I sure am.
As a newcomer to the Program, commuting by bus into San Francisco to a stress-filled office, I would jealously keep the last remains of the Cabin coffee in my cup. Certain even the home group drops of coffee would keep me sober. In a way – they did and still do. Here’s how.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 30. April 2024
What would you do if you had no fear? Here is a question to nudge us toward life as a daring adventure. "Progress involves risks. You can't steal second with your foot on first." Frederick Wilcox. Now is the time to move your feet and permit yourself to be daring and bold with this straightforward, three-part, once a month guide to prepare you for your next public speaking opportunity. Today we are on the first section: Get Ready! Chapter Two, Handling Fear.
Christine's Anthology · 02. April 2024
“Now about sex.” This single sentence from page 68 of our Big Book pulls the covers for a world of room to talk all we want about sex. The sex discussion continues on 69, proving “there are no mistakes in God’s world.” “We all have sex problems.” Underlined and highlighted several times over in my book.
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 13. March 2024
Roman philosopher Seneca tells us, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I couldn't agree more! That is why I am excited to share my monthly newsletter with you. A straightforward, three-part, once a month guide to help you prepare for your next public speaking opportunity.
Christine's Anthology · 02. March 2024
Alcohol is a great eraser. Put alcohol on a clothing stain and “Voila!” The stain is erased. Vanished. Gone. In fact, alcohol erases just about everything for us alcoholics. It removes: your job, your driver’s license, your car, your marriage license, your home, your family, your children, your friends, and eventually, your life. Works wonders, eh?
Tips for Confidently Speaking · 08. February 2024
INSPIRING INTRODUCTIONS: When You Are Asked To Introduce The Speaker
This Part Two of Inspiring Introductions builds on last month's article of one-to-one introductions to now encompass larger audiences with you as the emcee. Learn how to support both you and your speaker in the best ways possible. Read on! hashtag#publicspeakingtips hashtag#professionalspeaking hashtag#speakingtips
Christine's Anthology · 02. February 2024
A long-time member of my home group went out on vodka. A person with many years of sobriety, a member with shares right out of the old E.F. Hutton advertisement, “When this person speaks, everybody listens.” Boy! Did we listen. Big Book, Steps, all the literature and all the experience with a tremendous amount of humor and bravado. He could tell a great tale. Then, from out of the blue, he drank. Or was it from out of the blue? Here’s his story. “I’d stopped going to meetings. I...
Christine's Anthology · 04. January 2024
Sometimes, we need the salt of our tears to bring forth the oncoming sweetness of recovery.

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