A Three-Part Series

For Your Best Presentations



Roman philosopher Seneca tells us, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Here’s my straightforward three-part, once a month newsletter to prepare you for your next exciting public speaking opportunity.  Creative visualization is a top ten tool in my speaking tool kit.  Here’s why: What you can imagine, you can create! Now let’s get ready!


Creative Visualization Techniques 

Visualization is a powerful speaking stratagem. Visualize your stage costume. What you will wear. How the cloth glides against your skin. See the colors, the accessories. Picture where you will stand, where you will move and how. Visualize yourself smiling, confidently connecting to your audience. Visualize a receptive audience receiving and enjoying your performance. Affirm the right people at the right time are there to hear you. 


Toastmaster Ed Sotelo visualizes a first speech so successfully given he is invited to return for a second round. “I was loved so much,” he says, “they invited me back for more!” Bring confidence to your presentation as you visualize your present-day speech as a second speech. This is your Round Two. You were loved so much—you are invited back for more!


To win the World Championship of Public Speaking, I needed help. The airfare and lodgings were covered.  All the other expenses were mine. Without making a single call, friends and family rose to the occasion to provide more than $3,000. From around the world, people enthusiastically supported my dream of winning. The only person not believing in me—was me.


Winning is an inside job. I knew myself well enough to know some kind of internal reprogramming or rewiring was needed. Like a car engine under the hood, something inside was not firing quite right. I hit a personal impasse. During this period of doubt, I learned about a type of personal development therapy called Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP). Through NLP exercises, one can increase confidence and communication.  


Visualizations given by a licensed practitioner help increase one’s ability to achieve work-orientated goals, improve productivity, and heighten self-esteem. NLP proved to be the next right step.


The Visuals Are These:  

Visualize winning the audience through heartfelt connection. Connect with a beam of light from your heart on out to the audience to fill all their hearts.


Words are received like birds floating out of your mouth.  Flying and floating to everyone.


Practitioner Carl Bucheit taught me to visualize a timeline on an external horizon, standing at my current position headed outward toward the goal.  Like heading toward a sunset from Point A to Point B, I saw myself walking toward winning.


Visualize receiving and holding the trophy you seek.  At the World Championship, from the trophy table I picked up the trophy.  I thrilled to the weight, the brilliance, the sense it was mine. 


Leave a space to be filled.  I created a trophy-sized space in my luggage before leaving for the championships. On my flight home, my bag was full: With the trophy for 2nd Place in the Semi-Finals— Certified as one of the top 18 speakers in the world. 

“Readiness is the mother of luck,”  may these strategies bring good luck your way. 


I look forward to meeting again next month with more strategies for your best presentations. 

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