1, 2, 3, 4, 5…That’s the sound of 5 Seconds passing.  In 5 Seconds, we find the time to pause, to rethink a problem and perhaps come up with a new and better solution. Looking to get in shape, or achieve a better attitude? With 5 Seconds more, we can put on our shoes and be out the door.


5 Seconds More saves lives.  Did you know that?  5 Seconds More to PAUSE can rescue the alcoholic from taking that alcoholic drink which leads to another, and another, starting the disastrous cycle all over again.  Sometimes, all we need is 5 Seconds More to summon the courage to go forward.  Instead of sitting on our hands, now we raise them!  Instead of sitting down, Stand UP!!!


5 Seconds More, 10 Seconds More, 15 Seconds More, simple increments of 5 Seconds can change our lives and change them for the better.


The idea of 5 Seconds More came two years ago at a New Year’s party when my partner, John, told me he had only one New Year’s Resolution. “I’ve been thinking about it,” he said, “what I want is more time. That’s it! I want more time – to PAUSE and think things through before pressing the Send Button on that e-mail I’m later gonna regret.  More time to PAUSE and make sure my cell phone is off, before walking into a meeting. More time to PAUSE before texting back in anger.  How much time do you think that might take?  5 Seconds?  5 Seconds More.” 


Ladies and Gentlemen:  Where we could use 5 Seconds More to respond instead of react?  The pharmacy lines, or the long lines at the store or post office?  With a breath and a countdown of 5,4,3,2,1 – we find the time to take in our surroundings and see someone close by needs help to reach for something on the top shelf.  You could be that certain someone.


5 Seconds More came while on my way to church; on my way to getting spiritual and right with the Lord.  Of course, who should be driving in my neighborhood, at 15 miles an hour, but some folks from out of town!  With 5 Seconds of pause, I transcend the situation to see these are someone’s grandparents, out on a Sunday drive, completely oblivious to me: Bug-eyed and red-faced, gripping the steering wheel yammering away to invisible people in my car.  After a breath and 5 Seconds, I saw the bigger picture and I laughed.  Laughter is the rescue remedy!


“Bless him. Change me.”  A benediction instead of a curse.  With a mini meditation, we are calmed and centered. Our whole attitude and outlook changes when we move from our head to our heart.  In 5 seconds, we are not head directed but Heart Guided.  With the drop from our head to our Heart we find Truth.  We find Compassion. We find Love and Understanding.


Following our heart, now use 5 Seconds More toward expansion and growth!  What about expanding the 5 Seconds and spend more time with what we love?  More time snuggling down under warm flannel sheets on a wintry morning!  5 Seconds more! Longer time out on a starry twilight.  When was the last time we did that? 5 Seconds More to cradle those whom we love before saying good-bye, not knowing when will see them again. 


Tomorrow is promised to no one. As was the case for Kobe Bryant.  Alive and in church at 9:30 a.m.  Gone 2 hours later.  Same thing happened when I was 15.  My dad had to go in for a simple surgery.  We loved each other so much. I clasped him close so the whole room went ‘round. Neither of us knew, nine days later, he would be dead.  There were no 5 Seconds More.


We learned our lesson well, my Mother and I - so every time my Mom and I met, we held each other oh so tightly, right up until she died in my arms.


Change is possible, if only a second at a time.  One second at a time, like the rain drops falling outside, drop by drop the water splits the hardest stone - so can we - second by second, break a lifetime geared toward impatience to patience; from anger to compassion; from war to peace; of hatred to love.


We don’t have to wait for New Years to have New Years.  New Years can begin right now as we walk out the door!  Start tonight and take 5 seconds more with our love.  While I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of time running out.  Perhaps a good many of us are afraid of time running out.  And when our time runs out, when the sands of our personal hour glass dwindle down to their last precious few, we can look back on a life well-lived, a life with fewer regrets.  All because we took:  5 Seconds More.